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Windmeadows Drive in Conway
We have been told by Terminix that there is a moisture problem in our crawl space and would like to have a second estimate on how to remedy this. Thank you.
Gailard Drive in Conway
Front sidewalk has sunken from porch to driveway.The center area is almost 3-3.5" down (cause it to be the low spot and flooding). About 35' long by 3.5' wide by 4" thick. Asking for a quote on this method to repair versus ending up replacing the entire sidewalk.
Wayside Rd. in Conway
I am buying this home. I need a free estimate. I will be paying you for the job. I need an estimate to know how much to take off the price of the home.
in Conway
Moisture under house and need to insulation replacement.
University Forest Circle in Conway
Crawl space repairs
Windmeadows Dr in Conway
Crawl space encapsulation
Timber Ridge Rd in Conway
Mold & moisture in crawlspace.
Oconee Ave in Conway
Water is coming into the house from undisclosed location.
Mineral Spring Rd in Conway
We have a manufactured home with standing water underneath during the spring. We are considering drainage and encapsulation services.Thanks
in Conway
Have water in my crawl space structural floor joist and insulation is getting wet. water is dripping off of the air conditioning ducts.I believe i may need a complete vapor barrier installed.I need an inspection and an estimate.
Plantation Circle in Conway
Wet crawl space.
in Conway
Our house was built in 1949 and has a crawl space that will retain water after a large rain. It tends to cause an odor. We originally had a moisture barrier put down but I'm pretty sure we were ripped off. We would like to encapsulate to make sure there are no mold, dust mite, or other problems.
in Conway
Moisture under house. high humidity inside house. worried about mold
Windmeadows Drive in Conway
We have fungus under our home due to moisture. I'd like an estimate to kill the fungus, borate treatment to prevent return and a moisture barrier.
Pinehurst Ln in Conway
Damp crawl space,musty odor when it's damp outside
Esdale Lane in Conway
Need to insulate crawl space
Timber Ridge Rd in Conway
Would like to get an estimate for repairs needed under our house. Moisture barrier is almost non-existent, insulation falling down, water in several places under the house, etc. Just need a complete inspection and estimate for what needs to be done.
Pine Street in Conway
House was built in 1905, and has a crawlspace. The distance between the lowest beams and the ground is a little more than a foot. The original brick piers underneath are failing. Some floors are sagging and "bouncy". I would like to do the following (in order of priority): 1) Properly support the structure to prevent it from getting worse. 2) Restore the sagging hall floor to level. 3) If funds permit, I would like to encapsulate the crawlspace.
Manor Circle in Conway
We had our crawls pace encapsulated 1 1/2 years ago. Now we have water pooling around inside foundation under cralw space. Need to get a quote on solution whether sump pump etc.
in Conway
We have heat pump ducts work to Carolina room, but it has many windows and partially brick and lattice work. Very cold this time of year, and hot in summer. How to improve significantly, without changing out thermal/aluminum windows, to improve heat and a/c temps?
Caines Landing Rd in Conway
Our house has n terrible odor, I am not familiar with wood houses and I would never go under the house. I have send people down there and they say it looks fine. I don't think so, I can smell it, its driving me insane - how do people live like that ? Please I need some help. We had a water leak and 'i tried to get someone to repair it but, I don' t think they did any good. How do I go about getting an estimate?

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