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Best Home & Property Services is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Florence. Learn more about Best Home & Property Services's recent work requests in Florence and nearby areas!

Learn more about Best Home & Property Services' recent work requests in Florence, SC
Vicinity of Manigault Ct. in Florence
Looking to replace crawl space floor insulation and overall cleanup
Vicinity of Willow Creek Road in Florence
Hardwood floors are cupping. Concerned it is because of difference between crawl space and internal humidity levels. Interested in encapsulation and dehumidifier.
Vicinity of St. George Dr in Florence
Warped floors and crawlspace moisture problem
Vicinity of Monterey Drive in Florence
Want to get a quote. Don't appear to have any problems but want a professional opinion.
Vicinity of Hillside Avenue in Florence
Flooded during hurricane Matthew resulting in a demo of drywall and subfloor. I now have complete access to the crawlspace and would like to improve it prior to rebuild.
Vicinity of Rodanthe Cir in Florence
Vapor barrier for moisture in crawl space. Hope wood floor damage from hurricane
Vicinity of Byrnes Blvd in Florence
Humidity is building up in my crawl space due to wood floors bucking.
Vicinity of W Pelican Ln in Florence
I am interested in getting estimates on crawlspace vapor barrier and insulation replacement
Vicinity of Linden Drive in Florence
Moisture under house, old duct work appears to sweating heavily
Vicinity of Cascade Avenue in Florence
Crawl space encapsulation
Vicinity of South Franklin Drive in Florence
Need a moisture barrier installed
Vicinity of King Ave in Florence
Vicinity of Black Heath Dr in Florence
Moisture under my house
Vicinity of Southbrook Circle in Florence
Crawl space is damp....and there is sound when you walk on certain parts of my floor. We were in the flooded area. We do have a thin moisture barrier completely under the house. Not sure what is needed to dry and keep dry under the house.
Vicinity of Brunwood Dr in Florence
Excessive moisture
Vicinity of S Briarleigh Rd in Florence
Wanted a quote on crawl space treatment. Have some moisture issues that I want to control. Friday is the best time for me to have someone do an estimate.
Vicinity of Lake Russell Drive in Florence
Cost to encapsulate the crawlspace.
Vicinity of Carter Corner RD in Florence
I need to have someone look at a room in my house and determine if the wetness and damage from water was seepage and if so, how much the repair will cost.
Vicinity of Windsor Rd in Florence
Vicinity of Mays Place in Florence
Moisture, fungi, odor in home
Vicinity of Sussex Ct. in Florence
I need a quote on adding drain pipe and pump system in crawl space.
Vicinity of S. Edisto Dr in Florence
Interested in an estimate for crawl space encapsulation and insulation. thanks
Vicinity of Young Charles Drive in Florence
Low ground. standing water under house. need water remediation and solution.
Vicinity of Mays Place in Florence
Excess moisture, pool of water underneath home, rotten wood, past termites, moldy smell inside home
Vicinity of E. Danville Dr in Florence
Vicinity of NEWPORT DRIVE in Florence
Sagging floor ONLY
Vicinity of Warley St in Florence
I'm looking for a quote on a crawl space encapsulation and insulation. We have an older house, about 1700 square feet, and have been losing $$ on our energy bills. Home auditor quoted us a high number for the job, and I was wondering if you could beat it. I'm available during the week to let you into the house. Thanks guys!
Vicinity of Nighthawk Drive in Florence
Need moisture barrier in crawl space and to provide healthier crawl space environment.
Vicinity of Nighthawk Drive in Florence
Moisture barrier needed for crawl space and to achieve a cleaner, healthier crawl space.
Vicinity of Rutledge Manor Drive in Florence
Termites, water, mold
Vicinity of Abbey Way in Florence
Moisture in the crawl space under my house.
Vicinity of Lancelot Drive in Florence
I need an estimate to install 3 crawl space doors. I will be available on Friday, August 30.
Vicinity of Lindsey Dr in Florence
This is for a new construction. Crawl space is 3438 sq ft including porches. Home will be located at 300 s cartersville hwy, timmonsville, SC. Interested in finding out how much it would cost to encapsulate crawlspace.
Vicinity of West Keswick Rd in Florence
My crawl space is wet and the wood moisture is 30%. I need a quote to remedy this situation
Vicinity of Ralston Court in Florence
Vicinity of Jackson Ave in Florence
Crawl space moisture and mildew. Also have a lot humidity in house.
Vicinity of Apple Valley Drive in Florence
I have mold in my home my house is damp my house hold mositure
Vicinity of Muirfield Place in Florence
Moisture under the house. Insulation is falling down.
Vicinity of Eureka Road in Florence
Need quote to install moisture barrier in crawl space. 30' x 32'
Vicinity of Breckridgr Cricle in Florence
Crawl space wet
Vicinity of Cheshire Lane in Florence
Rear crawl space entrance at ground level. Water does not drain quickly during heavy rains and causes water to accumulates behind the brick and in front of the foundation block.
Vicinity of S Swan Circle in Florence
Mold inspection
Vicinity of Trotwood in Florence
The crawl space, just trying to get a cost of how much it will cost to get done.
Vicinity of Forest Lake Dr. in Florence
Insulation and under house wrap
Vicinity of Wisteria Dr in Florence
I am interested in getting an estimate for crawl space repair/sump pump installation. Please contact me at the above email address.
Vicinity of Jefferson Drive in Florence
We are currently renting this property and had a home inspection done, as we are considering buying the home. There is a moisture problem in the crawl space that has lead to cracked floor joists and other issues. Would like to get a repair estimate. Thanks

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