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Scotts Mill Court in Myrtle Beach
Water problem under my house
Apache Dr in Myrtle Beach
Waterproof flooring cheap
Teal Court in Myrtle Beach
F F A Circle in Myrtle Beach
Brookgreen Drive in Myrtle Beach
I need a sump pump system installed in my crawl space. In a heavy rain or big storm my crawl space floods. I have been draining it off with a shop vac. Not very efficient. I would like one that comes on automatically and has battery back up.
Forest Dr in Myrtle Beach
Geddings Drive in Myrtle Beach
I think I have rata under my house that have gotten into my insulation. I am working on fixing the rat problem. I would like a quote on the insulation repair.
Fairway Lakes Dr in Myrtle Beach
Water in the crawl space
Pawpaw Ln in Myrtle Beach
We just purchased this short sale house and the crawl space is in need of vapor barriers, insulation, and if provided, removal of possible mold infested insulation that has been down since the hurricane.
OAK DR in Myrtle Beach
Perry St in Myrtle Beach
I would like an estimate on crawl space encapsulation for my home.
Dunes Drive in Myrtle Beach
Moisture, mold and cleanliness
Jubilee Circle in Myrtle Beach
The crawl space is very damp and gives off a very bad odor.
in Myrtle Beach
Teal Court in Myrtle Beach
Home was inspected by a certified home inspector who found standing water after heavy rain and falling installation in the crawl space of the home. The inspector suggested a vapor barrier and installation repair.
Lochview Drive in Myrtle Beach
The concrete deck around my pool has cracked & settled in several areas..... I need to get an estimate to repair/level the deck
in Myrtle Beach
Need crawl space encapsulation and floor insulation
Yaupon Circlr[Long Bay] in Myrtle Beach
Mold and mildew in crawl space insulation falling down due to moisture
Kingswood Drive in Myrtle Beach
Looking to purchase this home, but inspection report came back with a number of issues in the crawl space, including high moisture readings, supports needing repair, missing vapor barrier in spots, wet insulation, falling insulation, and potential mold.
Ivystone Drive in Myrtle Beach
I am in the process of purchasing a home in Conway. During the home inspection, damp insulation was found in the crawl space. I would like an estimate on what would need to be done to solve this problem. Thank you.
Shell Ct. in Myrtle Beach
I come upon at least one job a week that mudjacking may be best used to resolve a concrete settling issue. The above is my home address and not a job related address.
Clovis Circle in Myrtle Beach
I am experiencing humidity in my house and i think it may be partially due to the crawl space under my house. The space is not covered nor does it have any moisture barriers, to my knowledge.
in Myrtle Beach
We need basic crawl space repair and would like an estimate.
Plantation Road in Myrtle Beach
I have a moister problem in my crawl space. I would like a quote to enclose it with a vapor barrier and put in a dehumidifier. Also how long would it take. My crawl space is about 1400 square feet.
in Myrtle Beach
I live in an older home built in 55 and it always has a musty smell especially in the summer and I also have a rodent problem
Shawnee Trail in Myrtle Beach
Interested in an estimate to encapsulate my crawlspace.
Canterbury Lane in Myrtle Beach
Water and high humidity levels in crawl space
BILTMORE DR in Myrtle Beach
We have moisture in our crawlspace.
Reedy River Road in Myrtle Beach
Brought tther home with a disgusting crawl space. needs to be restored......properly
Lake Dr in Myrtle Beach
I'd like a quote for crawl space encapsulation. Thank you.
Brookgate Dr. in Myrtle Beach
Major moisture under home and settling / cracking of the 12' interior fireplace wall as well as several stress cracks around door ways interior
Pine Lake Drive in Myrtle Beach
Crawl Space moisture
Saluda River Rd in Myrtle Beach
Questions regarding our crawl space and needs for leveling.
Ramsey Dr in Myrtle Beach
Crawl space water no leak
in Myrtle Beach
I have water in the crawlspace under my mobile home. I would like a free estimate to prevent water from entering my crawlspace. I would also like to prevent the formation of mold and repair any mold damage that could exist. Any expert advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
Longleaf Dr. in Myrtle Beach
Vapor barrier for crawl space.
Little River Rd in Myrtle Beach
Surface mold and moisture is crawl space. Recent moisture wood reading was 68% Looking for solutions and estimates to complete.
Links Road in Myrtle Beach
There is a lot of moisture in my crawl space and I had a reading done on the floor joists and it was 38% which is too high and I need to lower the moisture in the crawl space. Also do you put the heavy plastic on the dirt?
SILVER FOX TR in Myrtle Beach
Need estimate to apply vapor barrier in my crawl space
Links Rd in Myrtle Beach
Heavy humidity causing duct work to condense and wet surrounding sub flooring
N Ocean Blvd in Myrtle Beach
High humidity, damp odors
Breezewood Blvd in Myrtle Beach
Standing water, leaning cinder blocks, and rusting beams under manufactured home.
Ashford Ct. in Myrtle Beach
Water in crawl space after heavy rains. May be below water table from drainage pond.
Plantation Rd in Myrtle Beach
Squirrel got under house and tore up some wrapping on duct work. general appearance needs to be addressed . i am selling the house and will have an inspection.
Park Drive in Myrtle Beach
Mold or fungal present on floor system in crawlspace
Watergate Drive in Myrtle Beach
We need a crawl space door that is 18x30. We need this installed asap so we can close on this home and begin to move in. Please call or e-mail with a quote when you can. Thank you in advance.
Reedy River Rd in Myrtle Beach
I recently installed plastic in our crawl space. While doing this I noticed mold around the air handler. I am interested in a quote.
in Myrtle Beach
Looking at purchasing a home that is 65 years old and has some sagging floor areas.
Brookgate Dr in Myrtle Beach
Crawl space issues - insulation falling - interested in sealing - eliminating animals having access
Teague Rd in Myrtle Beach
Crawlspace encapsulation with dehumidifier
Colony Drive in Myrtle Beach
Need quote asap
in Myrtle Beach
Vapor barrier and may have damage from a leak
Old Bridge Rd in Myrtle Beach
Have a high moisture reading in crawl space.
Hunters Trail in Myrtle Beach
Currently pumping 6 inches of water from my crawlspace after the enormous amounts of rain over the past 2 weeks. HVAC unit down there too. tones of fiberglass insulation that I am not sure really belongs in a humid crawlspace.
Yucca Avenue in Myrtle Beach
Would like to get an estimate for crawl space moisture control.
Kinloch Dr in Myrtle Beach
Need to have my crawl space looked at. I am in California and would like to speak to someone after they go to my house and assess the situation.
Martin St in Myrtle Beach
Floors are not level and crawl space is wet and need of a seal cover.
Ashford Ct. in Myrtle Beach
Standing water in crawlspace
Fairway Lakes Drive in Myrtle Beach
Looking for estimate to repair/replace insulation, check sump pump, install vapor barrier in a very confined crawl space under townhouse. A ballpark estimate would be appreciated and if its within my price range, then an actual estimate.
Reedy River Road in Myrtle Beach
Crawl space was not properly insulation to the full extent. needs to be properly done to aviod any further damage.
Kensington Ct in Myrtle Beach
Humid crawl space with mold on joist.
Manor Circle in Myrtle Beach
We have bought an older home. On the inspection some of the insulation is falling and no dryer vent is in place. There is a hole in brick for it though.
Willow Trace in Myrtle Beach
High moisture level under house want to add moisture barrier
Teal Court in Myrtle Beach
Controlling Humitidy and circulating fresh air flow in the crawl space under the house to keep it safe from termite.
N Ocean Blvd in Myrtle Beach
Moisture in Basement
Fairway Lakes Dr in Myrtle Beach
Want a free estimate for crawspace.
Shawnee Trail in Myrtle Beach
I want to speak with someone about my crawl space. Thanks Barry
Pine Needle Dr. in Myrtle Beach
I have a crawl space that I'd like a check to see if anything is needed for moisture, and if so what that might be, and what options might be.

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